Pork Shoulder, Chicken Feet amp Red Date soup

4 years ago

I don`t really remember where this was from but I do remember drinking it and why I was drinking it.

This is another Asian style soup that is more of a broth. It`s supposed to be really good for you in the winter time when its chilly and you want your body to be more "warm". The pork shoulder, chicken feet and red dates all have warming properties in Chinese medicine.

How you make Asian soup is by double-boiling all meat to drain the insides of "dirt" and fat. Once that`s done, they boil it for at least a day with all the vegetables. Every few hours, the fat is skimmed off the top of the broth to ensure that it is very healthy for you.

Supposingly you get all your nutrients from the soup that were originally from the ingredients themselves. This way, you don`t have to eat an excessive amount of food from the nutrients, you just need to drink soup made with them, boiled for hours on end.

This was a very rich soup as the flavor from the chicken and pork were strong. This meant that it had been boiled for a very long time. It was very savory and perfect for a cold winter`s day. It was served in a bowl that looked like a pumpkin.

I`m pretty sure when my mum gets back from Asia, she`ll be making a lot of this soup for my sister and me.

What do you guys think?

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