Pork Katsu Don

4 years ago

I don`t each much pork because I don`t like pork much, except for ham and bacon.

You see, my sister is allergic to beef, she has rashes whenever she eats beef. My mum loves beef but hates chicken so she never cooks chicken. Duck is very hard to prepare so my mum never buys duck. And my sister loves pork, so we end up continuously buying pork. Growing up, every dinner, we had pork. This is why I really don`t like pork.

That being said, there is a dish that I would eat that involves pork, but on a very irregular basis.

I don`t mind pork katsu don =) It`s a deep fried pork cutlet on rice with egg mixed on top.

This was my dinner last night at my friend`s restaurant. I love the fact that the rice at the bottom was seasoned with sweet soy sauce to keep it moist and flavorful. This way, I didn`t have to dig into the rice and trying to eat it with the pork cutlet. I was served a ridiculous portion of food though so I actually ended up packing 2/3 home because I couldn`t finish it. I think I`ll make fried rice with the rest =)

*photo is mine*


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