Popular Street Foods in Pune, India

Puneites love their food, be it simple rice with vegetables and lentils or a snack straight from the street stalls. On the streets of Pune, one familiar smell that you get is of the much-loved vada pav. Aloo tikkis, kanda bhajiye, dahi poori, bhel are the kinds of street food that are big hit among people all over India. Apart from these filling street foods, one can walk around the city and find various thick milkshakes with ice cream scoops called mastaani. Pune offers a wide variety of tasty food options that can fill up your stomach at any time of the day without adding too much to your weight. With variety in flavor and taste, street foods in Pune is awesome as well as economical with healthy options especially for students and people who come from different places. Take a glance into the Puneri street food.

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