Popping Candy

4 years ago

I went to eat all you can eat spicy hotpot yesterday. That`s nothing too special since I go there whenever I crave hotpot. It`s too much trouble trying to prepare hotpot if you want to eat a wide variety of things. And plus, the ingredients usually come in a pretty bulky pack, so if I don`t want to waste food, I have to sacrifice variety.

Okay getting off topic here. So after my friend and I had paid for the hotpot dinner, instead of giving us mints or chocolate, we got these popping candy packs. They make me feel so nostalgic since I remember eating these a lot when I was a little kid. I`m not a huge candy fan but I just love how these popping candy bounces and dances on my tongue. The tingling sensation is so different so if you haven`t tried these before, you gotta try it if you see them sold somewhere. But to be honest I don`t even know where they are sold.

I`ve actually seen a Youtube where the parents of a baby boy gave these candies to their baby to eat, and filmed the baby`s reaction. The video was hilarious! Maybe the baby was not having such a fun time as the parents, but it honestly doesn`t hurt or anything. It`s just a weird feeling to have things bouncing in your mouth.

<strong>Have you tried this before?</strong>

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