Popeye`s Dinner Night

4 years ago

Sorry for not being able to be active on Luuux as much as I would like too so now I will be spamming you with all the blog posts that I never had time to post up. Don`t worry though these are all recent and occurred around the month of March! School has been flying by so quickly, and I definitely can`t wait for Summer to begin so I can have more time to blog and be more active! Now let`s move on into the blog posts!

A while back all of my family members were slightly lazy to cook so instead we took the easy route and just went to go purchase some Popeye chicken boxes for everyone to eat! I love the outer skin of the popeye chickens, although they are not healthy for you. The reason why I love the outer skin is because of it`s crunchy, flakey and delicious taste! The meat inside the chicken is pretty standard and nothing too much to say about it. Since we did order this in Mild it was a little `spicier` but not really spicy enough for my little cousins to not be able to enjoy this as well. I am pretty sure everyone has been able to try Popeyes so I going to cut this blog post short! Overall, I filling meal indeed and I can`t wait to eat this again!

<Strong> What do you think of Popeyes? Popeyes or KFC? Comment down below :)<Strong>

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