Pope Francis turning heads again!

2 years ago

Our latest Pope, Pope Francis has said some pretty evolutionary things in his short time leading the church. His most recent might be the biggest shocker of them all though. A while back Pope Francis made a statement about his opinion on homosexuality, he believes it is wrong but that people should not be condemned for it. That got a big gasp from heavy church goers. He was condoning the `sinful` behavior. Pope Francis has also made his stance on forgiveness very clear, ask and you shall receive.
Making news this morning is Pope Francis opinion on the Science community.
Pope Francis recently spoke out in favor of the theory of evolution. He also made a statement about the Big Bang Theory that is does not discourage the proof of God`s power but supports it.
No matter what your religious belief are one thing is clear, this Pope is going to change things. We can only hope that these changes in the future will promote a better and happier life style for everyone.
What do you think of the Pope`s latest outcry?

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Source link: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/pope-francis-declares-evolution-and-big-bang-theory-are-right-and-god-isnt-a-magician-with-a-magic-wand-9822514.html

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