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I have never been a fan of popcorn until recently. My whole life when I would go to the movies I never needed popcorn or anything. Once I left for college I met SO MANY people who considered popcorn an essential food group. It was kind of hilarious. I had a roommate who made popcorn almost everyday and would even leave the bag out overnight because she liked her popcorn a little stale.I thought it was gross and weird lol I even had to make a deal with a friend when we were visiting Australia because I wanted to watch Harry Potter in Sydney because it was the largest screen in the world and she wanted to watch something else. So I agreed to split the price of a large popcorn with her because she knew I wasnt going to eat it lol THEN I had another friend freak out at the Universal City Walk because they have a Popcornopolis there and she made me take a picture of her in front of it lol

Maybe I just made weird friends but anyways my mom received a package in the mail and it was a thank you gift from her accountant and it was popcorn! I was surprised they had so many flavors! Ill admit I like my kettle corn so I called dibs on that one and boy was it yummy! Theres also Cheddar, Cinnamon Toast, Caramel, and Zebra,which is drizzled chocolate! My friends would probably die if they knew I had this lol

Have you ever had Popcornopolis popcorn? Are you obsessed with popcorn like my friends are?? haha

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