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10 months ago

Hey Luuuxers!

Every year, especially right around Christmas, there is a little pop-up sale that opens up in mid town Toronto. The owners used to have a permanent store front, but now open up a `pop-up` location once or twice a year.

They usually carry a variety of jewellery pieces and nail polish for really inexpensive prices, so it`s great to go shop for yourself or for some stocking stuffers for other. They have Essie and OPI for only 5 bucks! They also carry a variety of different items each time they open based on what items they were able to get wholesale.

I went and was able to get quite a lot of goodies for low prices!

They had quite a lot of Sonia Kashuk stuff available, which I guess they picked up after Target closed down in Canada (I`m still sad about that). I was hoping that they would have more of a variety, but I was still able to get some stuff. The Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow duos, blushes and concealer quad were only 2 bucks each. I was really hoping for some more eyeshadows since I love the SK quad I got once upon a time, but I was only able to find one duo called Leather and Lace. I also only found 1 version of the blush in Sunset and picked one up, as well as the concealer palette in Light.

I did notice a limited edition Maybelline quad and the jewel tone colours looked so pretty I grabbed that as well. These would work really well for a smoky eye look.

I also found a Hard Candy single in a glittery, metallic silver shade. This is not a colour I would wear across my whole lid, but I feel like it would be great to add in the inner corner or to lightly tap over another shadow. It was only a dollar so I felt it was worth picking up and experimenting with :). It also came with a mini eyeliner pencil!

They also had quite a few Physicians Formula items, (especially foundations) but most of the shades available were way too dark for my skin tone. But I did notice a couple of these bronzers and picked one up for 5 dollars.

I also noticed this travel size Simple facial wipes and a crystal nail file that were inexpensive and tossed them in as well!

But the items I am most excited for are the make-up bag and the acrylic jewellery display.

One of the reasons I came into the store is because I saw some of these Sonia Kashuk make-up bags on the flyer. They actually had quite a few of them available, and there was one I saw a Youtuber haul that had clear pouches that velcro on the inside of this bigger pouch. That`s the one I was really after, and while they had them available, they were not as discounted as I would have imagined so I didn`t want to spend 20 dollars on it. But instead I found this smaller SK pouch that is clear on the inside for only 5 bucks! I have still been thinking about the matching larger one so I may go back before the location closes...

I also noticed this acrylic jewellery display with a mirror and small compartments on the inside. I was actually just thinking about getting something like this recently for my stud earrings. I have a earrings display I made myself years ago (I think I even did a tutorial on it on Luuux), but it only works for hook earrings where the part that goes in your ear is bell shaped, so it just hangs. So all my stud earrings have been sitting in a small dish and get mixed up and sometimes I lose one of the pair, or I need to dump the entire dish out to find the set.
This is a perfect solution! I can put each pair in a compartment so they are easier to find :). This was 10 dollars, but since I have been looking for a few weeks, I know that other alternatives I`ve seen are much pricier!

And also, this put me over the limit for the coupon on their flyer where if you spent 35 dollars or more you could pick a free Essie nail polish. They had a HUGE selection, and I had trouble deciding but in the end I picked this coral colour called Saturday Disco Fever. I was tempted to purchase some more shades, but I have so many options at home I can`t justify buying more until I clean out my collection. But who can say no to free? Lol

The clerk did mention that they were getting some more items in so I may go back for that make-up pouch and to check out some newer items before the location closes up this time...

Do you guys know of any pop-up sales like this in your area?


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