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5 years ago

I had seen Pop Chips at grocery stores before, and was curious, but they always seemed to come in large bags. I was at a convenience store the other day and saw that they had mini bags! There were only a few left, so I assumed they must be good. I purchased the last packet of Sour Cream & Onion Chips that they had. :)

These chips claim to be healthier than regular potato chips. They are "never fried", because that would be "unhealthy", but they are also "never baked", because that would be "undelicious". Apparently, these chips are cooked by adding a little heat and pressure to them until they "pop". They are only 100 calories per bag with 3.5 g of fat, which I can appreciate. So, at first glance, they do seem "healthier" than regular potato chips.

As for the texture of these potato chips...well, they`re rather interesting! They sort of remind me of puffed rice crackers. I have also tried soy chips with a similar texture. They aren`t similar to potato chips in terms of texture at all, though they do taste like potato. Overall, they`re not bad.

The seasoning on these chips was really tangy, which I like. It`s similar to a lot of other sour cream and onion flavoured chips that I`ve tried. It`s nothing particularly special, though.

I think these chips are alright, but there are other chips that are lower in calories than regular potato chips that have more health benefits. Soy chips, for example, have protein in them, whereas these potato chips only have 1g of protein. So next time, when I`m craving something crunchy, I`ll probably be reaching for soy chips instead of these Pop Chips. If I can`t find soy chips, though, Pop Chips are a very tasty alternative! =)

<strong>Have you ever tried Pop Chips? What`s your favourite crunchy snack?</strong>

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