Poop Deodorizer: Poo-Pourri

3 years ago

I`m pretty sure practically everyone out there does NOT enjoy the smell of poop. And may be embarrassed by the smell of it once after taking the number two at a friend`s place, at work, at school or anywhere in public. Have no fear, the Poo-Pourri is here to save your day!

The Poo-Pourri is a `before-you-go toilet spray` that is used to help neutralize unpleasant odours that are released when taking the number two. This product is made of essential oils that help neutralize and eliminate odours. How do you use this? 1) Before you go take the number two, you spritz a protective layer of essential oils on the surface of the toilet water. This helps keep the odours from spreading in the air; creates a barrier. 2) Take your number two in a care-free manner. No need to worry about the embarrassing smell!

If you`re interested in buying this product, you can find out more information in the source link below. This may save you the embarrassment when you`re in public and someone needs to use the stall/bathroom right after you. This may also benefit those at home; if you find your spouse, family member or roommate has an unpleasant number two, then this may be the right fix!

Information about this product and picture (screen shot from the youtube video) is from the source link below.

Source link: http://www2.poopourri.com

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