PONDS, A Geat Moisturizer for Oily Skin

I came across this moisturizer one day at a local drugstore while I was trying to find the right one for me. First things first, I know the writing on the bottle is in Spanish (I will explain in a bit).
I have an oily complexion and do suffer from minor breakouts once in a while, but not too often thankfully. I usually use moisturizers that were for oily skin and that would help give you a matte finish. They were full of *bleep*. I always ended up having my face oilier than what it normally was. I even tried oil free makeup, well mostly just powders, pressed and loose powders. But it always ended the same way, a few hours later I would have an oily T-zone or my entire face would be shiny enough to blind someone.
Well my cousin said she used this cream because she had some dark spots from acne and such she was trying to eliminate. So when i was at the store buying yet again another soon-to-be useless product I saw it and thought what the heck. She had told me she didn`t have problems with shine with this. So I bought it, and man am I glad. I`m not going to say that it was a full 100% improvement from the other brands and products I had used, but it was a good 75% difference. My face is not oily like it used to be, it`s only been about 3 weeks that I have been using it. I only use it in the day but you can actually use this day and night, it might even be better if I use it both times. I do highly recommend it to you all, the one I use is for oily skin but they also have one for normal/dry skin.
Oh yeah, as for the Spanish packaging...I bought this one in Mexico lol. It is available in the U.S don`t worry, I happen to be down there on a mini one day vacation and saw that it was priced EXTREMELY cheaper than what I pay for it here in the U.S, it was a $5 difference in price...so of course I got me a few to bring back :D
*Picture was taken by me, please don`t copy it.

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