Pomegranate Phone

5 years ago

This is the coolest new phone ever! Ten times better than the iphone. Let me tell you why

-the pomegranate phone not only has the now standard camera, voice control, gps navigation, phone, text and the such but a load of other awsome features

-this phone is also a hermonica
-is a coffee brewer
-is a shaver
is a projector

HOW COOL!!!!!??????? . . . . Also, how fake. Yea, this thing is a haux. I found out about this a coupke months ago when I was taking a Business Managment class . . . I hadn`t heard of it before so I was hoping not many others have either.

Opinions? Have you heard of this before? Up untilI gave it away, did you beleive this was an actaul device? Have no shame, I was gullible enough to believe it!

You wana see more? Check the source link to find out more about this awsome phone.

Source link: http://www.pomegranatephone.com/

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