PolyMagic - An App For Different Collages

5 years ago

I have been into collage apps because they are a good way to combine images to share here on LUUUX. I asked for some help picking some, i found some apps for it and have been reviewing them. I actually meant to review this a few days ago but i didn`t had the chance to do it and try it properly, but i finally have.

The app is called PolyMagic and its a bit different than the regular collage apps. The regular ones usually have their frames that are all perfectly square and you can`t really move them around much ( most of the apps at least), but this one has a different concept and actually mixes up the shapes and they are not all well designed, meaning that you will find that the frames here have a part that is bigger than other and they make kinda like waves in them.

Other good thing about it is that you can change the design of each frame accordingly to your taste and image. You can also customize the background with color or a pattern from a collection available or even one of the images on the picture library.

Overall, its a nice FREE app and is great to create different style of collages. I usually don`t use this that much and use other one ( wow camera - http://www.luuux.com/technology/wow-camera-best-collage-app-i-have-tried ) that is the best i have found but this one is worth the try also.

<strong>Do you usually make collages with photos?</strong>

(pictures are screen shoots i took)

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