Polony English sausage

5 years ago

Firstly, I know, weird pictures, but I wanted to share since this is one of my favorite little treats once in a while. Growing up we always frequented our local English shop its a little tiny grocery store, they have really fresh meats, homemade sausages and English pork pies, chicken pies, etc. I picked up some pork and chicken pies which I will post about later.

This here puppy is Polony, which is an English sausage. You could compare it to bologna, but its not nearly as fatty tasting as bologna. Polony is actually a rather lean sausage and can be eaten either cold or hot since its cooked beforehand and sold refrigerated. The texture is VERY smooth, no grittiness, no fattiness, nothing, just a very smooth sausage. The sausage has a casing (synthetic), which you do not eat, you just cut it off and discard. I generally cut off a small piece and just eat it plain, but my uncle actually will slice it up and cook it in a pan and eat it on a piece of bread. I cant eat a lot of it because its not something that I can just eat a lot of I have a smaller piece and Im content. In some European countries this has a different name and is considered a lunch meat; at this particular bakery its just polony and you eat it however you choose.

<em>Have you ever had polony?
Do you like trying new and different foods?</em>

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