Polka dot Nails!!

3 years ago

(this is my picture btw) I know they`re not exactly polka dots, but you know what I mean :D So yeah, I don`t usually do my nails, since I`m not really that type of person but still, it`s nice to do them once in a while :D So what I did was paint a base coat (am i using the right term?) lol so yeah i did mine purple as you can see, them to do the dots, what I did was I got a bobby pin, i straightened it so it`s now straight like a like, and dip the round end of the bobby pin into another bottle of nail varnish of your choice, I did mine light pink as you can see :D and there you have it! I know mine aren`t perfect but I was really shaky, and you need absolute control to be able to do it in the right area :)

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