Police Raid in Finland seized laptop girl 9 years

The Finnish Police encountered an awkward situation when he had to confiscate the laptop of a girl of 9 years who have downloaded a music album through the website The Pirate Bay

Some countries are even committed to combat online piracy and Finland is one of them. This past Tuesday the Finnish police was forced to confiscate the laptop for a 9 year old girl who even had a cover of Winni the Pooh (!) And raise an accusation of piracy of digital content against it girl!

The case has dragged on for several months and it all started when this girl came to Google via a link from the site The Pirate Bay that allowed him to download the latest album of music from one of his favorite singers, the Chisu. The anti-piracy group in Finland, CIAPC, sensed this infraction and issued a fine of 600 to the holder of that online connection, which is the child`s father and refused to pay.

After this "incident" the singer said Chisu not want to sue anyone, apologizes for what happened and provided a link to your Spotify fans can listen to your music without further incident of its kind.

Only then suddenly, how many of you are up against and how many are in favor of CIAPC?

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