Police lost keys from Wembley Stadium

4 years ago

The London police lost last week, a set of keys in one of the venues where the Games take place, but said on Sunday that security was not compromised by the incident.

Responsible for security at Wembley Stadium, a space that hosts football games in west London, said on Tuesday that an internal set of keys was missing, Scotland Yard said.

Police said detectives were unable to find the keys, but were not detected evidence of criminal activity, suggesting that these have been poorly stored.

"There is no security concern in relation to the stadium and all measurements were taken immediately to ensure the safety of the main areas of the site," police said in a statement.

The Olympic Games stated that the locks were changed and important that there was no security breach.

The police did not, however, details on the function keys missing.

Wembley is one of six stadiums hosting the football matches of the Olympic Games.

The first football game took place on Wednesday, before the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

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