Pole Walking, ever try it?

<em>The other day when I was driving home, I saw a couple in my neighborhood walking with poles.. I was like what is that so I decided to type walking with poles and it`s actually a method of walking. You`re using two poles in addition to your legs so you`re walking with your entire body then just your lower body!</em>

Pole walking is actually inspired by cross country skiing because similar poles are used for skiing today! Pole walking is also known as Nordic Walking.

Benefits of Nordic Walking:
You use less than 50% of your major muscles when walking but with this pole you`re using 90% of your muscles so it`s more spread evenly throughout your body. This method of walking is better for those who have hip, knee, ankle, feet problems.
By walking with the pole you`re actually aligning your spine and strengthening your core which helps you sit and stand taller.
Just by regular walking and using these poles you burn more calories.

Example) 30 minutes walking with a pole is equivalent to 50 minutes of walking regularly.

Since this method of walking is more beneficial, would you walk with these poles? I`m not sure if I would in public but it sounds like something I would use if I was going hiking because I`m not quite balanced. Even if you pay not use these poles walking, I hope you learned something because I did. :)

<em>Want to buy a walking pole?</em>

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