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4 years ago

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Another video game review headed your way! This one is called Pokemon Stadium! I`m sure every one of the early Pokemon fans here have played this. Released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64, you take on the roll of a normal Pokemon trainer trying to raise through the ranks of the Pokemon league to become the best Pokemon master! Earning badges through the Gym ranks, fighting other trainers to hone you skills, all the way to battling the Elite Four!

The game play`s controls are quite simple. The game itself is a turn base strategy game where you pick the move and attacks you want your Pokemon to use against your opponent. Now you had to be very careful on which Pokemon to choose and what move for them to use. Pick the wrong ones and it could easily cost you the entire battle. Although a little bit of luck never hurt either. (My greatest video game moment came with this game and A LOT of luck). The graphics to the game were once again very well done and highly detailed like in Pokemon Snap, becasue of the all the closeups and attack details that had to be put in the game. The sounds for the game, many of which were taken from the anime series, helped make the moves and attacks by the Pokemon very "real." The only small downside to the sound effects is that it used the sounds the Pokemon make from the Blue/Red/Yellow games and not the anime series (unless you had Yellow, then at least Pikachu sounded normal). The battle theme from the game cam from the gameboy games and not the anime (Although it was use in both the games and the series, the games had it 1st). The Pokemon Battle theme helped keep the pace of the fighting quick and exciting, while at the same time adding a little scariness to it. I remember many times my heart pounding, hoping my move you hit and cause damage while having the opponent`s miss; and mostly it`s because of the Pokemon Battle theme. There isn`t much of a story to the game. There are several battle tournaments to participate in. Ranging from simple trainer on trainer battles on the practice field, to the level 20-25, 40-50, and 90-100 Pokemon tournaments, to the Gym Leader Marathon tournament, to finally the Elite Four Marathon Tournament. Each one of these tournaments awarded you a spacial prize to your gameboy game for every successful completion, as Pokemon Stadium required it to play. The prizes ranged form simple stats boosters all the way up to new Pokemon and if you were really lucky a new Master ball or two! There was even a feature in the game that allowed you to play your Gameboy game and even play it at 3 times normal speed!

All in all this game is hugely fun! I had and still have a blast playing this game every so often! This is probably one of the most highly recommended Pokemon games I`ll ever recommend. If you`re a Pokemon fan and haven`t played this game yet, you REALLY need to get it and play it!

Source link: http://www.mobygames.com/game/n64/pokmon-stadium/cover-art/gameCoverId,172356/

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