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4 years ago

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Here comes another game review by me! I know it`s been a couple of weeks but I`ve been busy and sick. Anyway this game is called Pokemon Snap! Released back in 1999 for the Nintendo 64, you take the roll of young aspiring Pokemon photographer, Todd Snap as he rides in a specially built machine built by Professor Oak, to take pictures of Pokemon from from various locations on Pokemon Island! From beaches, to volcanic lands, to ice caves, all the way up to the sky above the clouds!

The gamplay`s controls are a little hard to the master at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes and invaluable layout to help you capture the right picture! Using a variety of equipment gained after reaching certain milestones in the game your pictures can become even more spectacular and with a wider range of Pokemon then available to take pictures of. The graphics for the game were extremely well detailed for the time and for an N64 game as the closeness of the Pokemon required very detailed work. The animations and color detail of the Pokemon in the game was extremely well made. Many of the games sound effects came of the Pokemon anime series but several were also custom made for the game itself, making it one of the most unique sounding games for the N64 that I myself have ever heard. Several of the game soundtraks also came from the anime series but a few of the songs also were specially made for this game too. A few even made it to the series afterward. The fun upbeat songs made for an exciting and fun experience for the game for all ages. There wasn`t much of a story for the game. You go through several areas around Pokemon Island taking pics of the Pokemon in that area for Professor Oak. Eventually leading you into the night sky above the clouds to take pictures of the rarest Pokemon of them all... Mew! Back when this game 1st came out There was a contest and sticker printers in many Blockbuster rental stores. The contest was to see who could take the best picture in the game. The winner received a trip to Australia. The sticker machines allowed you to make stickers from the pictures you took in the game. Both of these have long since ended, but I myself still do have my small collection of stickers packed away somewhere in my room.

All in all this was a very fun game. I still do play Pokemon Snap from time to time just for the fun of it and the nostalgia. This game is great for any Pokemon fan of any age and I highly recommend it. If you`ve never played this game before then you SERIOUSLY need to get one and play it!

Source link: http://www.mobygames.com/game/n64/pokmon-snap/cover-art/gameCoverId,8285/

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