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Here comes another game review by me! These ones are favorites of just about everyone! Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow! Released back in 1998 for the red and blue and 1999 for yellow, you take on the role of a new Pokemon trainer called either the color of the game`s color, Ash, Gary, or you could put in your own name. As this trainer you go through the Kanto region of the Pokemon world, battling other trainers, Gym leaders, and your rival in order to get to the Pokemon league and battle the Elite Four to become a Pokemon Master!

The game play controls are very simple. Given that this is a Gamboy/Gameboycolor game the directional D-pad and the A and B buttons plus the select and star buttons were all you needed. While not battling you are exploring around the Kanto Region using the directional D-Pad which is simple enough. While battling you use the D-Pad and the A and B Buttons to select which Pokemon to use and which attack/moves for them to use. But you really have to think about the battle situation. Which Pokemon to use, which move/attack to select, or needing to switch out a Pokemon or use an item during battle. You must choose wisely or it could easily cost you the battle! Graphics for the game were pretty simple while exploring the Kanto region, but the Battles were a little more detailed. This was a simple Gameboy game after all. But the graphics conveyed a lot of movement and effects during the battles to really make you feel you were apart of it. Sounds effects were also pretty simple. This was due to the Gameboy`s 8bit sound limit. But Nintendo did a great job of making them. Even for 8bit they sounded very good and helped immerse you into the game. The soundtrack to the game also had the 8bit limit set on it, but many of the songs we know from the Pokemon world that are unforgettable started right here in these games. From the simple world exploring songs, or the epic most famous Pokemon Battle Theme song. The story is a simple one, but is a great journey just to go through it. As the Pokemon Trainer You must go through the game battling trainers from all over the Kanto region, battle wild Pokemon and try to "CATCH `EM ALL", battle against your rival, battle and defeat the evil organization Team Rocket, battle and earn badges from Gym Leaders, and eventually reach the Elite Four where you must battle and beat all 4 of them to become a Pokemon Master! All the while you make friends and rivals of other trainers and your Pokemon.

Yellow differed from the Blue and Red games a bit. Instead of choosing one of the Pokemon from Oak`s Lab you get paired up with Pikachu, just like in the anime series! Pikachu even sounded like the one from the anime! Also when you go up against Team Rocket instead of it being the usual Team Rocket thugs you go up against none other than Jesse James and Meowth! Yellow also saw the game glitches fixed from Blue and Red. This famous game glitch allowed you to find the famous Missingno. Careful using this though, it could corrupt the game. But it allowed you to capture many more of the same kind of rare Pokemon, some of them being level 150 or above! And it could even increase the items in your bag. Nothing like having 300 masterballs, rare candies, or nuggets! Needless to say I`ve used it more than just a few times.

All in all these games are super fun! It started my Pokemon fandom which still goes today. I still play some of the games and still watch the anime series. Yes I do HIGHLY recommend this game for anyone who is a Pokemon fan or for someone looking to get into the series for the 1st time. Get out there and CATCH `EM ALL!

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