Poke`mon Red Version worth WHAT?!

4 years ago

We all remember playing these games as a kid. These were the original pokemon games ever made for gameboy and gameboy color. This includes Red, Blue, and Yellow version. Well today, I was looking on http://amazon.com and found the old red version brand new. Want to take a guess how much it`s worth NOW? Just guess. I`ll tell you - $999.95!!!! Yep! That is a pretty penny. You can also buy the bundle Red, blue and yellow - you get all three games for the bargain price of $1,724.89 - which is actually saving you some money considering what these games are going for now. Wow, these three games were my best friends as a kid. I still have them somewhere. In a way I wish I had just left my games in the box - but I don`t wish that, because the memories I had playing these games are absolutely, 100% priceless.

Source link: http://www.amazon.com/Pokemon-Red-Version-Game-Boy-Color/dp/B00000IYEQ/ref=dp_cp_ob_vg_title_0

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