Pokemon Gold and Silver

4 years ago

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Once again another game review from me! These 2 are called Pokemon Gold and Silver; another poplar selections from people worldwide! Released back in 2000 and 2001 respectively, you take the roll of the new Pokemon Trainer once again either called the game`s color or you can put in your own name. As this new trainer you explore the Johto and later the Kanto regions of the Pokemon world discovering 100 new Pokemon added to the Pokemon list. Once again battling other trainers, your rival, gym leaders and the Elite Four to become a Pokemon Master!

Once again, just like the Blue/Red/and Yellow, the gameplay`s controls are simple and identical. exploring the Johto and Kanto regions with the D-Pad, choosing which Pokemon to use and their attacks/moves and such using all the buttons. Graphics to the Gold and Silver versions did have a slight but noticeable uptick in quality. Pokemon moves/attacks were a bit more detailed along with the looks of the Pokemon themselves were also done a little better. This increased the quality of the gameplay making the a battle look a lot better. Sound effects still were limited to the 8bit limit but were cleaned up a little to at least sound clearer and crisper. The Soundtracks also got the same treatment with a couple new songs added in. All of which still improved the quality of the gameplay. The story, as stated above, is nearly identical to that of the Blue/Red/Yellow games. Being a new trainer who sets out on their journey to become a Pokemon Master. Except you get to go to 2 regions of the Pokemon World! The Johto and Kanto Regions. All the while you battle through other trainers, your rival, battle and earn badges from all 16 gyms, battle and defeat the two evil organizations of Team Aqua and Team Magma, then you`ll eventually meet the new Elite Four where you must battle them to become a Pokemon Master! After that you are allowed to battle the previous Pokemon Master from the Red/Blue/Yellow games. SO EPIC!

All in all this game was the best kind of squeal game you could ask for form the 1st games. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these two game to any Pokemon Fan or someone looking to continue their fledgeling interest in the games. GO OUT THERE AND CATCH `EM ALL AGAIN!

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