Pokemon Black and White users: get Arceus and Mewtwo while you still can!

*all credit is given where it is due, pictures are my own*

If you havent already claimed your Mewtwo for this year, you`ll want to go to this pokemon website link for detailed instructions:


As for Arceus, you`ll want to use your pokemon dreamworld account, or create an account

the website for that is: http://en.pokemon-gl.com/

Then "tuck in" one of your pokemon using your DS. You then access the dream world on your Global Link account.

As your pokemon is sleeping, you should put in the password: ARCEUSVOTE

Then on your bulletin board in the dreamworld, there should be a notice saying that you`ve "befriended" Arceus and that you`ll be taking it with you.

Wake up your pokemon and then go to the entralink area on your DS and go to "catch" Arceus in the entralink woods, using the Dream ball. You dont need to buy dream balls, they should automatically show up in you ball kit when fighting dream world pokemon. The catch rate is 100%

And now you have a brand new fancy Arceus!

How many legendary Pokemon do you have?

Gotta Catch Em All!

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