Points oddly getting removed?

4 years ago

Well hiya.

Anyways, I wanted to make this post because I`ve been realizing that my points are getting reduced dramatically since two days. First off all, I get deleted more than 20 points because I deleted my post? I don`t even remember deleting any posts or even which one it is. I don`t think it went to the community section because I can`t find it. And also I got deleted points for liking posts? I comment on posts before liking them so I don`t get why am I getting points reduced for. I follow the rules and I`m on Luuux for 2 pretty good years and this is the first time this is ever happening to me. And also, I made maybe 30 points today and half of them got cut off.

<strong>Picture is not mine. The link for the image is in the source.</strong>

Source link: http://blog.sysomos.com/2010/05/19/twittera-as-a-resource-tool/question-mark/

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