Podcasts, Records and Listening!!

4 years ago

So I recently bought a record player and I am absolutely loving it. The old fashioned sound it makes when the record kinda buzzes, the cool old time records that are available. My nephew really loves it (I think kids are born old fashioned and just become ruined by parents) He loves the old time kids stories and the old Disney music. I bought him Peter and the wolf and man that one is his fav.
I have a lot of great records like, The Temptations, Marvin Gay, the Gap Band, The Jam, The Clash, The Beatles, just endless albums that my parents have given me and I love playing them on my record player.
I think the whole big podcast world has also had a big influence on my listening habits. I love listening to podcasts and even have taken to listening to sports and games on the radio, even when I have the option for television. I have really become old-fashioned recently.

Do you have any favorite podcasts that you listen to?
What about talk radio programs and personalities? I love listening to radio personalities to get the news and to keep up with what`s going on in politics.
What about sports?
A lot of times its hard to get soccer/football in the Midwest of the States so I find internet radio stations to listen to my favorite clubs.

Anyway you don`t need a record player to listen to a lot of these, but listening on your device would be cool.

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