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5 years ago

Hey guys! So recently when I was at Asia World Market, I rediscovered a childhood snack that I haven`t had in FOREVER. Of course, being the food- loving person I am, I had to get some because I remembered liking them in the past and well... they had chocolate on them! I bought 2 packs to enjoy at home. Its been a day and I`m proud to say that I`ve only eaten one pack, lol. Usually, I finish everything that I have in a day so it was nice that I didn`t for once!

If you don`t know, Pocky are little biscuit sticks that are chocolate covered or strawberry covered usually. Chocolate and strawberry were the two original flavors but then I think they came out with more since there obviously are more than 2 now! My personal favorite is the chocolate Pocky because I think that the chocolate taste tastes the best with the biscuit stick. You may be wondering, "What can be so good about a biscuit that`s covered with chocolate?" and to be honest, I don`t know either. They`re addictive. If you haven`t tried them, you don`t know the true meaning of addicting!

Source link: http://www.veryasia.com/glicopocky.html

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