Pocketbac #3 Done!

5 years ago

I am happy my 4rd Pocketbac is finished!
I have so many of these I bought so much in the summer time when the sale was 10 for 5. I basically bought one of every scent that smelt good lol. And I had a mistake to bring this to school. My friend who uses my hand sani after PE asked for some and I warned her, DONT TAKE ALOT, she kinda did because when it opened alot came out and IT WAS A STRONG SMELL! But there were people who liked my hand sani when it was already close to done lol.
But anyways
Here Is My Small Review

First Impression:
- Sale = Cheap!
- Packaging was different; red plastic not clear.
- Didn`t notice the scent lol
- Sale = Cheap
- Lasts pretty long! My other hand sanies lasted for 3 months each and this one did too! Especially for school carrying it around 5 days a week thats a long time. The one on my bag is still hanging around since JULY! Not even close to finish -__-
- In general: the Pocketbac gives a nice scent in the air, with my other Pocketbac my friends and I agreed that the classroom smelt like B.O. so I put the Pocketbac on my hands and my friends smelt it and said give me some it makes the class smell better lol and I planned to put it on just to smell my hands away from the smell.
- The other day my friend thought I was a Republican because of the Elephant. First off I bought this because 1 hand sanitizer to carry around when there is not fault or bathroom to wash hands 2 it was cheap! 3 my friend got me into the collection because of the name she had which was Blueberry Pancake. I hated the face my friend judged me when I bought it because it was sale! grr lol

Thanks for reading!

What do you think? Do you like the Bath and Body Works Pocketbac?
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