Poached Eggs amp Bacon for Breakfast!

5 years ago

The other morning before I had work my dad gave me the job to look aftter and feed three hungry little children.

<em> And they wanted eggs & bacon! So i decided to play around and make poached egg for the first time!</em>

I used one of the egg poacher pans we have, it took forever too cook, maybe like 45 minutes or something. Not sure I will use that pan again, because the top would not cook, so I had to heat up a pan and cook the other side like that, i might just keep with the fried egg.

Then we had a whole chunk of frozen bacon, and as the pan was heating up i tried to half it and the whole thing fell in, and I decided to cook it all! So my dad and others could come home and eat it if they wanted too. I personally can only eat a little bit of bacon, because it makes me so sick.

I like it at first, but just before work I felt sick and everything, of course it passed after a while. But the little kids loved it, and managed to devour ALL the bacon! lol!

I managed to add a photo of when I was making it and everything (second photo along!)

<strong> Do you like bacon and eggs? Does it make you feel sick too? lol</strong>

<strong> All content is mine, please do not steal</strong>

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