P!nkampHusband Call Out Chris Brown Lip Singing

4 years ago

One thing that award shows bring us is the chance to see a performance by some artists, not only at home but also the people the attend the show, like P!nk and her husband that attended and watched the performances of the Billboard awards but were not very pleased.

Both published tweets about how bad lip singing is (which i agree) and that the artist copied the perfomance. The internet first didn`t got the reference because they didn`t said the name at first and it was thought they were bashing Katy Perry but they have confirmed that they were actually talking about Chris Brown.
Chris Brown performed at the Billboard Awards with a big dance performance featuring BMX moves and ramps. But the performance is not really innovative because it seems that P!nk has done that 2 years ago already(with all the bike ramps) and didn`t lip sing.

I don`t remember P!nk performance but i did look up Chris Brown recent performance and the lip singing is really noticeable. I don`t care for him/his music but i don`t really consider singers those who lip sing and that there are people out there that would gladly take that stage and sing live, which is what fans want to hear even if its not exacly like on the record, at least thats how i feel.
I do get that some performance have a lot of dance and it makes it difficult to sing but i would prefer less dance in order to actually hear the singer sing.

See all the video of all the mentioned performances on the source if you want.

<strong>What do you think of Pink and her husband calling out Chris Brown on lip singing?
Do you hate lip singing also or you don`t mind it?</strong>

(picture from the source)

Source link: http://www.celebuzz.com/2012-05-21/carey-hart-calls-out-chris-browns-billboard-awards-performance-my-wife-pink-did-that-already/

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