Plyometrics To Improve Your Performance

4 years ago

Plyometrics is a form of exercise which involves explosive exercises in which muscles are loaded and then contracted in a rapid sequence. These types of exercises are designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and improve functions of your nervous system. Depending on your goal plyometrics can help increase your speed or force, help you jump higher, run faster, throw farther or hit harder. I personally have done the squat jumps and tuck jumps as they were shown on bodyrocktv on youtube. If you would like to see some animated plyometric exercises here is a link for them. I do enjoy watching the animantions so you know what you should be doing. I will try the split jumps, bounding, and the lateral hurdle jumps. I do not have a box like item so cannot do any of the others. I hope that this will help me tone some lower body muscles and also help me when I do run a half marathon. I do plan on getting more into running I just have to budget my time better.

Have you tried any plyometric exercises?
Did you even know these exercises were plyometric exercises? I sure didn`t I just did them lol

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