Pluuged In brand mini crimper. Dramatic crimp review.

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Hi luuuxies, my sister also happens to own this very mini crimper. This one she got at Sally`s Beauty Salon. I had to take her there, because she needed girly basic needs. lol!

She saw it and I didn`t want to buy it for her, because it was 20.00 dollars and it was so itty-bitty. But just decided to get it for her anyways, since it actually was something different from what she already owns.

This is not a good idea if you want a lot of your hair crimped, belive me, it`ll just look ugly. She tried in in large areas of her hair and I told her to get rid of it by getting in the shower.

She later only used it on her bangs, which worked perfectly! You can make so many patterns and looks with it. I recommend it if you like styling your bangs in many ways, especially if crimped.
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