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5 years ago

<strong>Plus White 5 Minute whitening Gel</strong><br>

I bought a teeth whitening set about a week ago. I would usually use the strips but since Ive seen YouTube beauty gurus (KandeeJohnson and Makeup by Mel) rave about this product and the price I decided why not. I just want to be a little whiter than they are and since I drink coffee I dont want them to get all yellow looking.

The package includes;
- A Tartar control Pre whitening rinse
- Mouth guard
- Whitening gel<br>


-Not expensive (price varies by store)
-It gives results (just not in 5 mins)
-no sensitivity (crest strips would hurt my teeth)??


-Can get messy (recommend using Q-tip)

The instructions tell you two ways to add the gel; you can either put it directly on the mouth guard or you can use a cotton swab and add it individually to each tooth. I have to recommend using the cotton swab. I feel you waste more product using the mouth guard. (Learned from experience.)

Another thing I want to add is In kandee Johnsons video she suggests doing it while you shower. I did not do it the first time and I had a lot of saliva build up. So you might want to do it in the shower like she suggest then if you have to spit you can go ahead and do it. It also states for deeply stained teeth to leave longer 15-20minutes. It only makes sense I think. It also goes to show how they catch attention with the whole 5min add on the box.

What I do I place it before I jump in the shower and leave it on until I get out of the shower. I find it better leaving it in more than 5 minutes. I did notice results after the first time using it but would suggest if you want like a bling bling smile right away, I dont think its a product that will do it that fast.

<strong> Have you tried the product, if so do you like it</strong><br>

<strong> What products do you use to whiten your teeth</strong>

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