PLL Halloween RECAP!

If you haven`t watched. DON`T READ. Spoilers (:
Hey guys so I am pretty sure everyone well most saw the Tueday episode of Pretty Little Liars. It was the Halloween Episode. And OHMY I was seriously scared going to admit right now. I just really want to know who A is.
Who I DON`T Trust:
- Aria ( something about her idk. tbh)
- Ezra( I HATE EZRA! but besides that did you see the look he gave when aria left to go give candies to trick or treaters? like he was obviously hiding something. And even from the beginning I knew something was fishy with him. OH OH and when he had alll that cash? I pretty sure it was from Jason
- Toby ( I seriously just can`t stand him, I don`t know. And well at the summer finale when he turned out to be "A")
- Jenna & Noel... ( SELF - EXPLANATORY. RIGHT? LOL)

NOWW: Everything elsee:

MONA: I liked that song she was singing lmfao. anyways she really did nothing I think. Just go and touched up on hanna an stuff. But maybe she changed inn to the thing that drugged aria. hmmm

What was up with what Garrett Said to Spencer. TBH why does have to lie now. I think what he said was seriously true that is why he wanted to get out of town. And IF it wasn`t important why did he end up DEAD?!

Who put drugs in Aria`s Drink? I think it was girl due to the fact that the person had some girly knuckles lmfao;

WHY WHY WHY was Jason on that freaking train?! HE ISN`T IN HIGHSCHOOL! lmfao he had no reason being on that train... It made me think he was up to something.

Ok i seriously think that is Allison or her twin. DEAD SERIOUS. I know the girl is from the first halloween story but the girl has to be a symbol of ali in some way. WHY would she go to Hanna`s house of allll houses Hanna`s! That is kind of weird. And how she ends up in Hanna`s ROOM!!!
WHO was trying to push aria into the water?! It was a girl and Guy obviiouslyy. But Who? Noel and Jenna.. I doubt that but you never know...

Aria`s DAD? WTFFF is all i said to the tv, lol. Like Whut! they had to have something i feel. He did like younger kids, and she liked older guys..

Now Ezra coming in at the end... How did you randomly show the hellll up. Out of breath something is not right with that. And he didn`t even seem to care she was alive, Yeah he hugged her but his expression showed that he was worried about something.

Lastly, the hand that came up @ the end... was wayyyyy long time ago when Alison was buried alive.

I know I`m mad for pretty little liars going super slow on who -A is but this Halloween Episode made me sooo happy haha
Hope you enjoyed. Who do think - A is? Let me know everything you think in comments !! (:

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