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4 years ago

I made this by myself. I didn`t steal anyone`s work. please don`t steal this. I worked hard on it. This is the first part. If you like it please tell me about it down below and i will finish it


My eyes opened and saw everything was blurry. I rubbed my eyes to get a clear picture. It felt more like a dream. I was half awake and half asleep. I turned my head to look at the alarm clock on my side table. 3:00 am, I read. It was still dark in my room. It was as if there could be a dangerous killer here and i won`t know about it. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep ,but the darkness in my room kept me awake. I turned around again to see the alarm clock, 3:05. This is going to be a long night. I shuted my eyes to fall asleep, but it seemed impossible. It seemed like my dreams had ran away from me. I had a urge to look at the alarm clock again, but i told myself no. I opened my eyes and saw darkness and closed my eyes, hoping i would be caught by dreams, but no luck. I layed there restless. I could hear the outside world. The trees moving, the frogs singing and the insect humming. Then suddenly a scream from my parent`s room. My mom scream. I got up and started to run toward it. On my way I heard my dad`s scream too. I was horrified and terrified. My heart beated faster than a humming birds wings. I made it to my parent`s room. I saw my parent`s bodies on the floor covered with their blood. All their organs were on the carpet. Then i heard a laughter. A evil laughter from the window. I turned my head toward the window. I saw a thing, it was definitly not a human. It was a monster with sharp teeth, big claws and glowing eyes, To afraid to run or look away. I stared at him hoping i would wake-up from this nightmare. I pinched myself and nothing. It was real. It laughed again and said " you are next" he turned around and ran away. I was standing there with my parents dead body surrounding me. Their lungs, hearts, and intestines laying near my feet........................

Hoped you enjoyed it

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