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It has come to my attention that a lot of you girls are making comments, posts and reviews about clip-on hair extensions that are sold online.

I would like to educate you on hair extensions before you go out there and make your big purchase online!

By no means, am I an "expert" on hair, but let me tell you, I am not stupid either. Do your research first! Google is your best friend :)

I have been doing my own hair extensions for 9 years now. I simply can not make up my mind if I want short or long hair. I am sure most of you girls can relate.

I came across a few channels on youtube where girls are promoting their own hair extension line. Then I came across the videos of their consumers ranting about how amazing their purchase was. A few months later, that same consumer is complaining about those exact same hair extensions... followed by a new video where they now are worshiping someone else`s brand of hair extensions... followed by a bashing video once again.

First of all, let me tell you something about hair.
There is synthetic hair and then there is human hair. And of course, then there is REMY human hair (which is pure BS. because REMY doesn`t really mean that they chopped someones hair and sold it to you un-touched. There is no such thing! But the good thing about REMY hair is that each hair in that pack has the same hair flow. What that means is that it has not been re-arranged, as in, every hair strand is presented to you from root to end. And that only means: easy brushing and doesn`t tangle AS much as your regular human hair.)
I don`t deal with synthetic hair so I will not talk about it in this post.

In most cases the human hair has been "processed". Meaning, silicone coated, protein enriched (that`s what the box says, but there is no such thing!), the hair has been dyed to match your own hair color. Think about it this way, most human hair comes from Asian and mostly South Asian countries. I will show you a video that I found on youtube that pretty much summarizes what I wanted to say regarding where the hair comes from:

As soon as your hair leaves your head it is considered dead hair. You can NOT fix or treat dead hair!!! So what happens is, when you purchase your hair extensions they look absolutely fabulous at first sight. They look, NICE, silky, smooth and soft to the touch. Then you clip them on your own hair and you`re like WOW. You wear them every other day, if not every single day, cut it, brush it, curl it, straighten it, apply hair product on it and so on. Then, it is time for you to wash them. You wouldn`t go weeks without washing your own hair, would you? As soon as you wash your hair (actually as soon as you start STRESSING it by brushing it and curling and straightening) the hair will not look the same. Even your own natural hair starts to "die" when you stress it. The hair extensions will gradually start losing that shine they had when you first laid your eyes on them. Soon it will start to look AND feel dry. Since the hair is already dead, and now getting even dryer, it starts to break. It can even break from just brushing it!
So what I am trying to say here is that your hair extensions will not look so WOW after only ONE MONTH. But, most girls don`t care. Why? Because most of them have treated hair (let`s face it, most girls dye their hair) in the first place. Meaning their own hair looks dry and dead already, so it is a perfect match made in heaven. In this case your hair extensions might last you even 3 or more months.
If you are only going to wear your hair extensions once in a while to those special occasions then they will last you way longer.

That being said, I`d like to address this whole 120/160 grams of hair.
Unless you have super supeeer thick hair you might need 160 grams. But most likely when you purchase 160 grams of hair, you will not use all the wefts. Trust me! 120 grams is more than enough. And for someone with really thin hair, it is more than they need.

Then you have the whole "these clips are the best clips out there and they are so sturdy and they will never slide from your hair and bla bla". The regular clips as are just fine! Unless you want your OWN hair to break off right at the root, then go for it. It WILL slow down the growth of your hair over time if worn frequently. After all, when these "hair gurus" make videos on how to apply their hair extensions, they don`t usually tease the hair where they are going to apply the clip. That`s because they are just sitting in front of their computer and there is not much movement so the hair isn`t going anywhere. Ok, Ok, you`re gonna say "but she was pulling on it to show us how sturdy it is"... please, don`t be fooled. Think about it, they are just advertising their own product! There`s only one way of applying clip-on hair extensions, and they have to think strategically, "how can I make my product look better and sell more units". When they are not in front of their camera, they DO tease the hair for better hold and to avoid the clip from sliding.

Here`s the deal. These girls do the exact same thing that your local beauty supplier does. They order their hair in bulk, therefore, price per unit is cheaper. Then they sell it to you for 10 TIMES THE PRICE! (anyone, and I mean, anyone! can register and get their license in order to purchase wholesale! Some wholesalers do not even require you to buy in bulk. Check out for example That`s just one of the sites).

How do they afford free shipping? They pay for the shipping, and trust me, it doesn`t cost them anything because they already jacked up the price of their hair extensions anyway. And then you think "oh wow, they don`t charge shipping, they are so nice!". Well did you compare the prices? Maybe the company that advertises free shipping charges 10-20$ more, so pretty much the cost of shipping is included in the cost of the hair. Even they are not charging more than the other company, perhaps they are being less greedy or perhaps they got a better price from their wholesaler, but at the end of the day they are still making money.
Another thing to keep in mind, all their hair comes from the same supplier! Ones REMY hair is NOT better than another`s. It`s the exact same thing, just repackaged!

Since you will need to replace your hair extensions with fresh hair every couple of months (depending on the use), I suggest you go to your local beauty shop and buy yourself a pack of human hair.
It doesn`t have to be REMY hair, and if you want specifically REMY hair, don`t spend more than $80 on at least 20". Why am I saying that it doesn`t matter if it is REMY or not? Because when you look at them at the shop, REMY hair might look more silky and smooth compared to "regular" human hair. But as soon as you style it or wash it, they will look the EXACT same! So unless you have naturally smooth, shiny, soft hair and you have never dyed it, then go for REMY (that`s if you are planning on wearing them the first time to a special occasion).
After you purchase the pack of human hair (believe me you can find it for even $45), then buy some clips. Clips will cost you $5 for 12 pieces. If you think the hair is to thin for you, then try layering it before you apply the clips. For example, cut two same size wefts and glue them together (the hair glue is $2 at the beauty store), and then apply the clips.
Here`s instructions for sizing:
bottom piece - 6"
2nd bottom piece - 7"
middle piece - 8"
top piece - 6"
two side pieces (one for the left and one for the right side) - 4"
two more side pieces - 2" (this is only if your hair is layered in front)
[Believe me, you do not want 10 or more wefts attached to your hair! Clip-on hair extensions will give you a headache as is, now imagine walking around with 160 grams of hair on your head, plus the 25 STURDY clips holding on super tight... think about it]

*** If you find that one pack of hair is not enough for you, you can always purchase another pack. You will not need to use all the hair in the 2nd pack. Most likely at most, just half of the 2nd pack. Keep the rest of the hair from your 2nd pack, so when it`s time to replace your hair extensions you only need to buy one pack.

I did not write this post to defame any fashion/hair gurus out there. I wrote it simply because I believe that these young girls need to be educated first before they spend their hard earned money on dead hair!

Hope this helped. Please msg me if you have any questions.


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