Please, Don`t Starve Yourself!

5 years ago

If you think that not eating will solve your weight problem, trust me on this, it DEFINITELY isn`t.. Your body will go into starvation mode. This is where your body CRAVES for anything and everything. Since it`s in this mode itll store everything you eat from then on as fat because it does not know the next time you will eat. Thus leaving you skinny... BUT, unhealthier and made up of only fat and bones, it`s almost as bad for your health as being obese. Food Science 101, peeps! In exchange, just exercise 10-15 minutes a day and cut down on a few unhealthy foods (snack on fruits, it works!) if youre not up to exercising on a daily basis. Youll be surprised by how much it can change. Please research your stuff before making any harsh decisions for your delicate body, I`ve heard so much girls go towards this alternative. :/ I learned this from Food Science and PE last year, both teachers mentioned this since it`s an important tip in the multiple quests of becoming "skinnier."

Good luck everyone!

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