Play Place, For Adults?

Every time my mom and I go to Mcdonald`s she says (jokingly)
"why can`t they have adult play grounds, I mean why do the kids get to have all the fun? is havinga good time something that we have to stop doing when we grow up?"
and frankly, I agree with her, you should be able to play and enjoy yourself no matter what your age.

I know that my mom can`t be the only one who wishes they
could play on some sort of adult playground, and think of the health benefits, everyone knows that you`re more likely to exercise when you`re having fun! ^_^.

I know that this may seems silly, but I just thought it was kinda funny and interesting.

what do you guys think?

should grownups have a place to play too?
Maybe not at mcdonalds, but you know what I mean.

If excersizing was fun, would you do it more often?

Is theyre something you used to really enjoy as a kid that you can`t do now because you are grown?

(comment please its a win-win :D)


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