Plasma Touch the Pooping Causing Bacteria Away

5 years ago

We all know salmonella is one of the main things that can send you from the kitchen table to your golden throne in the washroom to exit the salmonella contaminated food. Chicken and certain vegetables like sprouts come to mind when I think of salmonella poisoning and trust me I know all too well about getting sick from eating alfalfa sprouts and sushi made from fish that had been contaminated. Well what if you could use something to kill the bacteria? There was a study done by Drexel University, which saw that salmonella and campylobacter could be killed by a high-energy gas known as plasma. The plasma is cool to the touch so doesn`t cook the food, but unfortunately plasma torch technology is still really expensive and would not be accessible price wise to the average house chef, so I guess for now we`ll see have to wash our hands and make sure to not cross contaminate by cutting vegetables on a cutting board that had chicken cut on it and not cleaned and to thoroughly wash our vegetables and make sure everything is cooked. I wonder if this would work on sushi fish because I have gotten the worst food poisoning from sushi places in the past and if they were to all be required to use something like this it`d save me the long trip to the toilets I`ve had twice in the past lol.

Would you use this if it were affordable?
Have you ever gotten food poisoning either at home or at a restaurant like a sushi restaurant like me?

For any of you living in Edmonton wondering where I got sick it was a place called Zen. You`d think after eating there once and getting sick I would`ve known better to never go back again haha.

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