Planters natural, MaraNatha Chocolate Almond Butter - Review!

3 years ago

If there`s one thing you should know about me, it`s that I LOVE nut butters. There are so many flavors, textures and varieties to choose from it`s hard not to love them! Have you ever had Reese`s peanut butter cups mashed and blended together? No? Try PB & Co`s `Dark Chocolate Dreams` - you`ll love it, it`s the perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter but without the guilt!

But aside from sounding like a peanut butter sales rep, I really do wish to give you my pro`s and con`s of my recent nut butter adventure.

I`ll start with Planters `Natural` peanut butter. I`m a fan of Planters` products, don`t get me wrong, but unfortunately, their peanut butter wasn`t up to my par & the term `Natural?` Yeah, that doesn`t always mean what you want it to - the USDA doesn`t monitor the use of the word, so naturally (pun intended) companies can label their foods `natural` even if it`s not the type of natural they know you`re thinking. But back to the PB; the taste was alright, but not to die for. The problem for me was that the nuts were roasted, leaving the finished product with an `earthier` taste, for lack of better words.

There are only 4 ingredients present (which is better than some PB`s I`ve stumbled upon): roasted peanuts, sugar, palm oil, & salt. Like I said before, the roasted nuts left the finished product with a rather charred taste, nothing strong or heavy, but definitely noticeable. If you`re a fan of roasted nuts, I`d say give it go.

Now moving on to MaraNatha`s chocolate almond butter.... A.K.A HEAVEN IN A JAR. I`m a big MN fan & generally stick to them come time to pick up some more nut butters, but this jar of joy was new to me & if you couldn`t already tell, I`m irrevocably in love with it.

I can`t really put into words the flavor of it, unless GOOD works for you, but I can tell you this; it`s a far cry from earthly, that`s for sure.

It`s a bit heavier on the ingredients front, but it IS in fact and indulgence - you`re only supposed to eat half the jar at a serving, the other half is for later. But on a more serious note, with only 180 calories and 9 grams of sugar per serving, it`s not an indulgence to cry over.

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