Planning to Set Up Your Own Gym? Follow a few DOs and DONTs

4 years ago

A busy schedule leaves people with less time to spend in travelling to and fro to the gym and with the added burden of atrociously priced memberships; most men are coming up with their own personal gyms. The popularity has been catching up and men believe that a personal gym is easier on the pocket in the long run than local gyms. However, unless you are loaded with cash and can afford a designer gym you need to have your facts in place before you set your own home gym. Here are certain Dos and Donts that you should follow for the home gym:

Do take expert advice from trainers and equipment retailers as they will know best about the amount of space that you will require. This can be based on the number of people who will use the gym, the body part that needs extra attention etc. Usually, a small room in the basement or closed unused garage space should suffice. However, ensure that the gym is inviting and does not give a sense of claustrophobia and cramped space.

Dont be a miser and head to a store that is selling treadmills at a discounted rate. Treadmills are one of the most abused gym machines and if you want it to last long, dig into your pocket and buy a good one.

Do your research on the equipments that keep you the most comfortable. If you dont like it, you will not use it and in turn you end up wasting money. Take equipments that are fun to work on. In order to do so, take the trial period offers in most gyms and check out their equipment. This will help you buy smart.

Do get a personal trainer as they know what suits your body best, which exercises to do and how to go about with the repetitions. Once you are familiar with your bodies needs, you can go solo. In the initial few days, the gym trainer will also act as google and solve your queries.

Dont buy second hand equipments without an expert opinion as they may not function well, and you end up wasting money.

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