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As a Portuguese I am today I will present important and beautiful places to visit in Portugal ...
When you think on holiday in Portugal will only arise images of sun and sea?
Ever thought a cruise on the Douro, with stops at the 5th centenary of the superb wines to taste Porto? Or a boat ride through the beautiful canals of the Ria de Aveiro? Or even a trip to the Azores to observe the whales in the Atlantic?

Portugal can be divided into seven main areas:

North of Portugal
A visit to the North of Portugal is a journey through time that will take you to the dawn of the nation. This region citânias ancient Celts, medieval castles and stately monuments preserves a rich source of stories and legends. In the verdant slopes of the region is producing some of the most famous wines in the country, and there is no village which does not have its gastronomic specialty. In the city of Porto, this combination of historical charm and cosmopolitan trends is truly breathtaking.

Central Portugal
The center is a region of great contrasts. The interior is dominated by the Serra da Estrela, with the highest peaks of the country, while the coast is full of beautiful towns and coastal villages. Coimbra is one of the oldest university cities in Europe and Fatima one of the largest world centers of Christian pilgrimage. The tours in this region will allow you to discover from ancient glacial valleys splendid routes to wineries, lush forests and pine forests, superb beaches or even taste the most authentic mountain cheese - one of the most famous of Portugal.

Celebrated by painters and poets, the unique luminosity of Lisbon enhances the beauty of the Tagus estuary and the magnificence of its monuments and squares, but also the character Casti├žo their old neighborhoods and alleys. Past and present coexist in harmony in this city that has a rhythm all its own, and whose charm must be assessed in detail. A few kilometers away, Cascais displays the elegance of a sophisticated seaside resort, and a little inward, and his legendary Sintra mountains will delight lovers of romantic scenery.

The endless plains covered with fields of sunflowers, olive groves and cork oak forests, the coast full of pristine beaches and small villages sleeping in time give the Alentejo a very special allure. Its cities contain Roman and Moorish old memories, and alcandoradas villages on the slopes near the sea offer superb views over the mouth of small rivers. The delicious Alentejo cuisine attests to the ingenuity of its people, and the heady wines embody the character of the warm region.

The superb climate, the many beaches, bustling seaside resorts, ancient monuments and golf courses have joined forces to make the Algarve`s most famous tourist area of Portugal. Land of extraordinary natural beauty, preserve wetlands that serve to scale to thousands of migratory birds, and in the mountainous interior, between the picturesque historic towns and quiet farms, flowering almond trees offers a special moment of magic.

Madeira Island
The Pearl of the Atlantic owes much of its fame to the splendid landscapes lined with subtropical vegetation, the wonderful weather and water warm and inviting. The enchantment of the sea fills the hearts of locals and infects visitors, who let themselves be taken by the exquisite pleasure of opportunities that offer the coasts of the island. The hospitality you will find in Madeira will no doubt leave you a nostalgia for a return!

The Azores
The Azores are a region of wild and unspoiled landscapes, where tranquility characterizes a way of life dedicated to land and sea. A trip to the Azores is always an adventure of discovery. In these islands awaits a mysterious land of volcanic craters, lovely lakes and fascinating landscapes, and its clear waters attract whales, dolphins and sailors from all over the world.

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