Places to Try: Toyko Table (Try Their Sushi Pizza!!)

Credit: Tokyo Table Official Website

If you`re ever in Irvine and are craving sushi, I would definitely suggest Tokyo Table at Diamond Jamboree. Although a little bit on the pricey end, UCI students left and right come to Tokyo Table to get a taste of their delicious sushi.

If there`s anything YOU MUST try if you go to Tokyo Table, it is their SUSHI PIZZA. I have to put that in caps lock is absolutely brilliant. I love sushi and this sushi pizza absolutely blew my mind. What it essentially is is unrolled sushi roll: tuna and salmon sashimi topped on a artificial crab topped on baked sushi rice and seaweed. Nice and warm and just absolute perfection. It melts in your mouth and the fresh sashimi is so good.

Definitely give Tokyo Table a try and I BEG OF YOU, try the sushi pizza. How could you resist that picture up there? You can`t, I know I couldn`t! Everytime I go to Tokyo Table, it`s all about the sushi pizza. :)

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