Placed My 2nd Order+Message For Moderators

5 years ago

I placed my 2nd order! After trading my luuux points first for an iPad last year which i love and im very happy with, I kept saving up points and after being undecided for some time on what to pick, I ended up deciding for the PS3 some weeks ago.

I placed the order yesterday and the cost of it was 26055Luuux points already with shipping.

The main reason of this post is actually to give a message to the moderators or the one that ends up auditing my account.
I know that during the auditing process moderators can contact us in case we need to fix something or give some kind of update or message using the private message system but I know that some users inboxes don`t work and i suspect mine is one of those =(
The first time I wasn`t contacted and i didn`t need to change my posts but in case its necessary to send me a PM, I don`t mind you sending it to my email in case you can have access to it or just tell me something on one of my posts and i will PM you my email address. Its a little more trouble but i can`t think of other way since there doesnt seem to be a fix for the pm problem =/

I want to thank all the luuuxers that follow me, comment and rate my posts!

<strong>What have you ordered so far?
Do you have a prize you are saving to?</strong>

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