Pizza Vending Machines

4 years ago

Ever wanted a pizza around 4 in the morning only to realize no pizza places are opened?! Believe me, when you are in college, wanting a pizza that late at night is not abnormal at all. And it really does suck when you are pulling an all-nighter and there is no place open for you to grab a bite to eat!

Well, fellow college students, fear no more, for these fresh pizza vending machines are, indeed, coming to the US! And it is fresh! <strong>It will knead the dough, pour sauce, and add up to three toppings.</strong> Worried about the wait time? Don`t worry about that either because it <strong>will only take 3 minutes.</strong>

The pizzas will be about 10.5" in diameter and they should cost about $6. That sounds like a good deal to me!

Might be weird to order a pizza from a vending machine, but if you are in a bit of a pinch late at night, I don`t think it matters too much. Plus, the price isn`t bad! These little pizza machines will be released in the fall, so be on the lookout.

<strong>Thought-provoking question:
Would you eat a pizza from vending machine?</strong>

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