Pizza Lunchables!!

4 years ago

My boyfriend and I were strolling around Target like at 10 at night looking for ingredients to make our own pizza. I was craving pizza RIGHT NOW and didn`t want to wait no 30 minutes to make it, so we bought a pizza Lunchable for me :)

It was so good, as usual. Although it does not taste anything like pizza. The pizza sauce is sweet and cold. The crust and dough is chewy and has a different taste. The cheese, well, isn`t melted.

It was really cheap, like $1 something. Other ones cost more because they come with a drink and candy.

Lunchables never really filled me up.. There`s still always a part of me that wants more food D: The portions are tiny :( There were only three small pizzas the size of my palms (which are small). But it`s sort of fun making it yourself. You get to customize it to how you like it. I always try to evenly distribute the ingredients so the last pizza does not have a bunch of ingredients I`m trying to get rid of.

-Picture is mine.

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