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5 years ago

I have mentioned before how pizza is one of my favorite foods (and unfortunately not the healthiest one) and i really enjoy it.
Today after going around looking for a place to eat, we end up going to Pizza Hut and decided to order what is called Rodizio, which is a style of serving where from a menu of foods they just keep rotating and serving you and with usually everything else included.
It was 8.5 for each person and you could have as much pizza or repeat each slice how many times you want - i end up eating 5 slices =X lol i will be staying away from pizza for a long time lol

Pizza from Pizza Hut is usually very good, despite how fattening and full of cheese and oil it has, and i tried different types of pizza i didn`t had before there since i usually go with the express service most of the time they just have ham+cheese slices or sometimes with pineapple.

I had more than the ones that are pictures and i wasn`t able to take pictures of all unfortunately.
In the image you can see the one with ham+pineaple+mushrooms, other with pepper and mushrooms and something more i can`t remember. There was one that was very good that was with a diferent kind of cheese, was very good.

I wans`t very pleased with the service though because some of the pizzas were cold after the waiter pass all the tables in the restaurant and sometimes they passed by and didn`t ask if we wanted pizza, but that was probably because they didn`t gave us the Rodizio sign for the waiter to know but that was also a problem of them.
But besides that it was good and if i get to go on a less busy day(there was a lot of people there today) i think they will serve better.

<strong>Have you ever been to Pizza Hut?Do you like their pizzas?
Have you ever had Rodizio (of pizzas)?</strong>

(pictures are mine)

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