Pizza Flavored Potato Chips

4 years ago

I picked up this bag of Herrs Pizza flavored potato chips at the store the other day. Ive shown a number of posts with the selection of flavored chips Herrs offers. I like Herrs simply because they are not afraid to step outside of the box and offer sometimes outlandish flavors of chips (especially their Hot Dog chips!). As daunting as some of their flavors might seem, I dont mind dropping $2.2.50 for a bag to try them out because its usually the flavors Im not sure of that I find I like the most. Unfortunately, with that being said, I thought I was going to absolutely love these since pizza is my favorite food. BUT I dont get pizza when Im eating these. Truth be told, I dont really know what flavors I am getting when I eat these. I get a bit of basil and I get, something else, but I cant put my finger on it. Not sauce, not cheese, but something. Its probably their hint at sauce that isnt quite there but theyre not terrible. I just dont get pizza out of them.

What is the most unique flavor of chips you have tried?

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