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I am a huge fan of pizza and it`s actually been quite a while since I had one (unless you count school pizza`s as real pizza haha) I was over one of my friends house and we decided to make a pizza together for dinner!It was either pizza of a bags of chips and cookies... so unhealthy I know!

The pizza that we made had cheese and slices of pepperoni on it! It was really easy to make. The hardest part might have been rolling the dough out though. We used a Premade dough from Pilsberry and it was quite funny since we couldn`t figure out how to open the can. We were using can openers when all you had to do was unroll the outside.... ohhhhh how smart we are.. lol
Afer getting the dough out, all we had to do was flatten it into a circle, spread on some tomato/pasta sauce, sprinkle on the cheese and top it all off with pepperoni and *boom* delicious pizza in need of cooking!We tossed it into the oven and in 25 minutes it was done!

The pizza tasted so good! It was much better than those from a restaurant since we could add much more cheese onto it. I mean some of those restaurants skimp out on cheese.. now if we could only put cheese into the crust haha!!

What is you favorite pizza?
Have you tried making pizza on your own?

*picture is mine*

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