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5 years ago

I have been meaning to blog about Pinterest because i found it some weeks ago but i figured now would be a good time for it, especially now that i noticed that LUUUX introduced it to the posts.

<stronSo, what is Pinterest?</strong> You might be wondering what Pinterest is and it sounds like a combo of "pin" and "interest" and thats concept of it actually.
Pinterest is a social network website where you can "pin" ( or "Pin it") pictures, links, articles, posts, etc on the website and have it divided by categories.
Its kinda like the boards that people use with pins in it to fix stuff they liked, but this is a online version of that.

<strong>How does it work?</strong> Working with Pinterest seems easy from what i have read. You have to create an account ( its free) and then you can associate it with FB/Tweeter.
Once logged in, you can create different categories that are named boards where you can put each of your "pins" and have everything organized it.
You can then put up your own pins with pictures, links, etc or from website where you see the "Pin it" button and that will be added to your pin board.

<strong>There is also a Pinterest app for the iOS</strong> for you to use on the go, but you can always use the actual website for it.
The concept behind this seems pretty cool and different than most social networks we see out there, so i think its probably worth the try to share you favorite stuff and i think Luuux had a good idea to add the "pin it" button here.

<strong>What do you think of Pinterest? Have you tried it?
Do you think it will be useful to have here on LUUUX?</strong>

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